Rise with NoFraud

Experience a safer checkout process with NoFraud, a leading fraud prevention company.


About NoFraud

NoFraud is a full-service fraud prevention company. Powered by machine learning technology, NoFraud screens transactions for fraud in real time and provides an actionable response of: Fraud/NoFraud. If you do get a fraud chargeback, NoFraud will pay you back. NoFraud’s goal is to allow you to ship orders quickly, with confidence that they are safe from fraud.

Integration Benefits

Nearly 10% of all online fraud attempts are on downloadable e-Gift Cards. Fraudsters love them – they’re instantly delivered, easily transferable, require no shipping address, and they retain demand on the secondary market.

Use the Rise.ai & NoFraud integration to create a seamless customer experience between the two apps that will help you manage, market and distribute Stored Value Cards, increase your customer retention, while keeping you and your clients 100% safe.

Learn more about NoFraud or contact at [email protected]