AI and Data Analysis

Incentivizing consumer behavior that aligns with your strategic goals is within your reach. Become data-driven with your marketing strategy!

The Rise algorithms build demographic profiles of every type of customer and categorize their interactions and purchase history. AI-powered analysis informs you of the most attractive products to promote to each customer type, the most effective channels and the best times for promotion.

Apply Rise’s deep data and practical, on-target suggestions to drive highly effective promotional campaigns and loyalty programs.

Smart promotional campaigns

Rise segments customers based on their behavior at your store - know at a glance who buys big-ticket items, who buys small, who has bought more than three times at your store in which timeframe - and suggests customized, segmented promotions have proven to drive conversions. Our AI-powered data-crunching engine automatically identifies effective triggers and timing, creating campaigns that will drive the sales numbers you want.

AI and Human Experts

No more looking for a needle in a haystack to find the data that’s going to make a difference. Rise is powered by artificial intelligence that excels in unearthing the information and trends that will increase customer lifetime value. AI also handles the application of the data into automated rules and triggers, which you maximize for personalization. The benefits of AI can only be fully derived, however, with expert human guidance. Our team of skilled data scientists directs the entire system, making daily optimizations to Rise’s algorithms to ensure that the millions of pieces of transactional data are going to increase your ROI.

Marketing engine

Even if your own customer data is too limited to make smart predictions, five million orders per week running through Rise’s system have provided us with an intense amount of robust data about purchasers and purchasing behavior. We categorize every single bit and byte for you and harness it to power exceptionally effective promotional campaigns both via email and on every social network your target audience frequents.